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Few companies are as ubiquitous in the lives of billions of people as Alphabet, the conglomerate whose largest subsidiary is the mammoth IT, search and services firm Google. That’s probably a major reason why a recent report on firms that attract the most attention from job-seekers and professionals placed the company above all others.

The report in question comes from, a professional networking site that claims more than 500 million members in over 200 countries and territories. For a look at the top-12 companies that LinkedIn’s members feel are the most attractive to work for, check out our slideshow below.

In putting together its roster of top companies, LinkedIn says it zeroed in primarily on three types of actions taken by its global members:

Job applications — how many people are viewing and applying to job postings?

Engagement — how many people are reviewing a company’s career page or looking to connect with current employees? Also, how many are following the company’ activities or viewing its content, etc.?

Retention — how many of a company’s employees stay employed there for at least a year?

The results of the analysis, which tracked results for the 12 months ending February 2017 and only for companies of 500 employees or more, excluded LinkedIn and its parent company, Microsoft.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company came out on top. Currently it employs about 72,000 people worldwide and generated more than $90 billion in revenue last year — netting nearly $19.5 billion.

In second place we find Amazon, the Seattle, Washington-based internet company whose online shopping platform, media and cloud business netted nearly $2.4 billion in 2016 on almost $136 billion in revenue. Worldwide the company employs about 341,400 people.

Third on the list is Facebook, another highly visible corporate entity whose social network is the largest in the world, with 1.9 billion monthly users as of last month. The firm also owns WhatsApp and Instagram. The Menlo Park, California-based company was founded by Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg – a story recounted on the silver screen in the film The Social Network — and last year brought in more than $10 billion dollars in profit on $27.6 billion in revenue. Those are some fantastic margins!

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