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:: Software ::

Software Development. #Agile|

We like building award winning software systems that drive and others can not build, fully managed by us.


:: Software ::

Software Development. #Agile|

We like building award winning software systems that drive and others can not build, fully managed by us.


Software Development.

Experts who use ultra-efficient development tools allowing us to work 4X faster than our competition.

Shore Media build complex pieces of business-critical software systems that grow with your brand. We build them to last and the same goes for our client relationships. We believe that trust and transparency are more fundamental to the success of a project and our “Rapid” prototyping means there are no nasty surprises with the software that we build and perfectly matches your specifications.

Committed And Honest.

Our expertise ranges from building bespoke software development solutions, mobile applications to data migration to testing, covering all development languages such as .Net, Java, C#, HTML and more. We balance strategic thinking with engineering expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile, cloud, and analytics to develop products that meet specific business needs.

Our solutions balance local expertise with offshore cost-effectiveness meaning Shore Media’s global teams always work in tandem to ensure a client’s ability to monitor progress from project start through to testing and validation.

Shore Media build award winning able software because we love it! Not because it’s our job, its more than that, it’s an obsession, to get perfection and beauty radiated throughout all we do for ourselves and our clients, every single day we do it!

In-Depth Brief & Process

You can expect us to be complex, rigorous and in-depth. We are used to business-critical software development and taking on demanding projects that others don’t.

Fully Flexible And Agile

We use an Agile software development methodology which means we aren’t completely rigid about the build – we expect things to change as the creative process unfolds.

Ongoing Communication

We will be clear about what we are doing so that you are never in the dark during your software development project. There is transparency and a whole team of people to call on at every level in the business.


Mapping processes to determine the starting point and the "Actual Sale".

Optimize a process with the combination and technologies going to be used.

We choose technologies and review options with the client. The Client is always apart of the project from the very beginning as your feedback is vital.

Weekly delivery of developments for client to test and operate along with request for any changes. It is "Ideal" that the client is part of the process of development and testing.

These determine KPI's, reports and other metrics, per user in order to monitor that the process is working as agreed.




Ruby On Rails.










Angular JS.

Node JS.




Code Ignighter.

#Software Types.

We have some of the industry leading software developers at your fingertips. Below are some of the popular software systems we build and widely used around the globe.

  • + Custom/Bespoke software development.
  • + Multilevel marketing software.
  • + E-commerce software development.
  • + Enterprise business solutions.
  • + Client-server applications.
  • + E-governance software.
  • + Client server applications.
  • + Automotive rental software.
  • + Desktop application development.
  • + Content management development.

Industry Sectors We Cover.

Aerospace, Defence & Security Asset Management Automotive Banking & Capital Markets Business Services Capital Projects & Infrastructure Communications Emerging Markets Engineering & Construction Entertainment & Media Financial Services Government & Public Sector Healthcare Hospitality & Leisure Insurance Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Power & Utilities Private Equity Real Estate Retail & Consumer Technology Transport & Logistics

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